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New Music Video : Q-TIP - Renaissance Rap

Okay So last weekend I had a chance to Check Out Q-TIP at the HOUSE OF BLUES, SUNSET BOULEVARD in HOLLYWOOD LIVE.

One word: Incredible.

If you can, catch him on tour - it cures a stressful day. Along with him was PAC DIV !!! love those catz , My fav from them are TASTE , the 400, 600, 800 joint, and they hundreds track Everyone Knows Us. hott hott. Every one was hype when TASTE came on, I just didn't understand why they went up first,
PAC DIV iz tha biz, but I guess not everyone is a blog music head like I.

Yall gotta try there dance they do to their new 00ficial single 'mayor'

Then the Knuxz came out, some folks were confused, some posers were falsiflingly diggin it, i was trynin my best to get into it. - i dont kno about them, that
cappuccino track is catchy and the BANG BANG song is 80% hot.

Then the COOL KIDS came out -- everyone was Black Maggin in ish.

Q-TIP RENNYSAUNTz -lol --the track after MOVE on the album .

BUY THE WAY -GO BY THE ALBUM !!! if u love soul hop, u'll Love it

Directed by Rik C.


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