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I love u liike a Fat Kid Loves Cake -50 Cent


Los Angeles Events:

AUG 29th -Friday

I was kinda upset, Little Brother was havin a FREEEEEEEEEE Myspace show WAY OUT IN HAWAII. =C BUT good news, they Coming back to Los Angeles at towards the end of the month.yeahur

September 10, 2008 -
Faith Evans Book Signing
The Grove


AUG. 20 - The Grove goes back in time as The Temptations Revue featuring Dennis Edwards, one of the last surviving members of the original Temptations group, entertains the crowd with legendary hits including "My Girl," and "Get Ready." As one of the most successful music acts ever to record for Motown records, the group has sold over 25 million records world-wide and have earned 14 Billboard R&B number-one singles.

AUG. 27 - Ashanti makes her debut at The Grove performing songs from her most recent album, The Declaration. Having sold nearly 15 million records worldwide, Ashanti is most famous for her Grammy Award-winning debut album Ashanti which sold over 503,000 copies in its first week of release in the U.S. In the same week, she became the first female performer to simultaneously hold the top two places on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart with "Foolish," and "What's Luv."

The Grove is located at Third Street and Fairfax Avenue, adjacent to L.A.'s historic Farmers Market. For more information about the concert series or for specific store and restaurant hours, please call The Grove Concierge at: (323) 900-8080.

AUG 23 & 24th - Sunset Junction
Soul Man Sam Moore from Sam & Dave tributes Isaac Hayes on Saturday - $15 dollars
J*Davey / Stephanie Mills /Jeffrey Osbourne / Black Keys on Sunday
3700 TO 4300 SUNSET BLVD and
SAT. 10:00 AM TO 11:00 PM
SUN. 10:00 AM TO 10:00 PM

August 28, 2008 - Thursday
Toots & the Maytals
Jamaican Reggae Legend
@ The Santa Monica Pier





MC lovin u long time

Ashanti At The Grove Los Angeles


Wednesday, August 27th Ashanti Performed at The Grove, This is My First Time Seeing Her Live. Yes Yes I
was a bit Skeptical, cuz she's known for singing live =D, but she has grown vocally since her first album,
she did a GOOD job. and of course she sounds 'perfect' on her new album, The Declaration. Ashanti has
been my favorite, she always has the best producers, lyrics, and studio voice, and now her new man, NELLY.
favorite track from her new album is "Girlfriend" , produced by L.T. Hutton, that should tell you why its hot.
Other favorites likes In these Streets, and You're Gonna Miss / I'm So Over You, which she performed at the GROVE show, and of
course The Way That I LOVE YOU!!
I was Surprised of all the Ashanti Fans, Didn't think she was the rated, I thought she was still kinda itty bitty
underrated STILL, I was proved wrong. She got madd hits, and proved it by performing number 1's like
Foolish, Only You, and Member that Murda Inc Track DOWN ASS CHICK!! haha . Overall Good Time.


before you go to sleep tonight.....

Michael at his BADDEST

[Photo From ConcreteLoop]


this guy randomly shows up in Vegas like " hey Guys yall remember me" lol

I wanna c How his kids look Now, remember all that drama about him

oh and that infamous Baby Drop:

- 0bama 0bama por C@mBi0 -

"The Biggest Boss I've Seen Thus Far", Literally

- Mr. Obama -










ADMIRABLE to America as a Whole.

*Did Yall hear the DNC Convention tonight, nothing but YES YES and DAMN RIGHTS in the LIVING ROOM.

* He gives a fresh new sense of hope and reassurance that anyone can make it, if you put your mind and heart to it!

* Obama Talks are like GOOD Music to my Ear, all he has to do is MAKE A number 1 HIT !

* I'm 99% Sold, now 1% is needing Proof & Action --> Anyone can tALK $$$, BUT Be About.... =D Will See

* McCain got some REAL persuasing to do, can't wait to watch him next month or October I think.

Realest Speech in Politics Ive heard- He Tells it Like it is:

New Music Video: Common


//Common + Pharrell Williams\\

Video Directed By Mr. X

Push More Whips Than Slavery-

  • Them Dancers in The Vid Gettin Down
  • Such a Cool Video
  • Lil X, what u know about the iron giant, haha CLICK HERE FOR IRON GIANT POST

kanye X los angeles X running

AUGUST 31, 2008
Figueroa St. & 39th Ave.




Im Thinking ABOUT it!!! Nike is too damn RICH to be charging a 35 dolla FEE, but I do wanna c Kanye West Live & Get into SHAPE!!!! ..ill get back to yall on that one.

OKAY IM BACK, it doesnt matter ANY DAMN way, fuckin race event is SOLD OUT, how the flap jackz is THAT.

I swear people r KANYE heads!

"Los Angeles is SOLD OUT!: Have fun at the race and enjoy Kanye West at The Coliseum " -the website

Will I Ever See Kanye LIVE


Are You Serious??!!!!!

THEY GETS NO LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hint homeboys last name ADOLF, how crazy.

Three men, Shawn Robert Adolf, 33; Tharin Robert Gartrell, 28; and Nathan Dwaine Johnson, 32, are facing federal charges after allegedly talking of assassinating Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

U.S. Attorney Troy Eid said the three never posed a serious threat to Obama, and none of the charges concern threats against him.

The three face charges that include possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of body armor by a violent felon, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute.

According to the criminal complaint, Adolf talked of killing Obama in Denver and during his inauguration. Considering you can only be killed once, it’s unclear if he was referring to Obama’s upcoming speech on Thursday or in January.

The complaint also states the men reportedly referred to Obama with a racial epithet and said that such a person should never live in the White House. Eid said they “could not believe how close he (Obama) was [sic] to becoming president.”

--SOURCE: Rocky Mountain News )


Off Days: DON'T LAUGH [thats the goal]



Sounds Tha Same

Lil Bit-Forget About Us

Neyo-Miss Independent

kinda New Music Video: Kanye West

Mr. Fresh Mr. By Hisself he so Impressed aka KANYE WEST in the Animated Music Video for GOOD MORNING

I had a chance to see this video a while back at Murakami Exhibit at the MOCA in Los Angeles, that Exhibit was impressive
inflated, blown up, larger-than-life, extravagant, hyperbolic all in one.

Directed by Takashi Murakami

Literally On Smash: Novel - dj Troop -Cristyle // Nicki Minaj

Definition of CHOPPED & SEXY: Just a Taste ....errrgh Cant Wait to hear this song in FULL --Novel, Dj Troop, and Cristyle

NICKI MINAJ displaying her acting skills and upcoming thangs poppin off for her. When I visited the NY 106 n Parkay show w Weezy, she was there. She now signed to Atlantic - She's a Rapper, and upcoming actor hailing from Jamaica, NY

Warning Cover with Nicki


Jodeci/Kci-JoJo Moment

True Singers with Swag like no Other

After Hearing about Jodeci performance and JoJo collapsing on stage due to having Epilepsy [See Videos Here about the incident on ConcreteLoop]


They go DOWN in history for these records - they got too many damn Hits to post

Im So happy to hear They Got a new album coming out - last JODECI album was 1995 , shit I'll even take a KCI & JO-JO album


Jodeci:Freek N You

-Plead Time-

Jodeci:Cry For You


Get On Up- Jodeci

-Classic Kci n Jojo

All My Life - K-C and JoJo


New Music Video: Say Yeaaaaahhhhaaa

Laid Back Joint of The Day:

T-PaaaaaInnn - I Can't Believe It , oh yeahhhhhhhhhhuuaa Featuring Lil Wayne

Video Directed By Syndrome

Song Produced by T-Pain aka The Apitamy of Now Im Hot They All On Me
The music video is recently shot in Los Angeles under the direction of Syndrome, the same guy who directed Estelle's "American Boy" and Lupe Fiasco's "Daydreamin'". The video is a circus-themed film and put the featured singer Lil Wayne as a cameo.

I Like it, It's Something new and creative. Graphic Arts might be my new thing.

Talk About Equal Opportunity in the Music video industry, big ups for the Asian video chick Representin , Gon' Girl.

"she make me feel so good
better than i
would by myself
or if was with somebody else"

\\ @@liyah //


She is STILL relevent after 7 years from her death, that Tells You Sooooooo MUCH.

~ Here in 2001 and ForEver ~

Other Aaliyah moments
More Aaliyah


Charles Hamilton --> white dude, No - a rapper, Yes !

Charles Hamilton

This Up & Coming rapper is from the East Coast, Harlem to be Exact and is crazy, literally on the freestyles -

at Power 106 Los Angeles, spittin on the Top of The Dome...& Doesnt Wanna Go Home:

Look Forward to see him evolve in the Rap Game.

P.S. Regret leavin his Mixtape on Sunset Boulevard! =D

Like tha Song He Did , using the Price is Right Theme Song--haha ,<3>

Visit His MySpace for the Track --> charles hamilton MYSPACE

Speaking of Hamilton, Remember that Commercial with Burr & Alex Hamilton:

Got Milk Commercial: Aaron Burr

For Our Information : Auto Tune aka ErBody SOundz Good

Okay GottDizzim -- That ADDIcTING Money Makin Voice that the Likes of T-Pain, Lil Wayne, and KanYe have been using , all started with Cher the O.G.

See Cher Believe "Do u Believe" [do u believe how much money this sound is making]

Now Dab it in Hip Hop and Wa-La

See Lil Wayne - Got Money " Like Thissa Way, Thatta Way "

It's actually a software program called Autotune. Many artists (even white-bread ones like Garth Brooks) use it to correct pitch deficiencies in their voices. What Pain has done is exaggerate the effect. The first person to use it like this was Cher (Believe), and the sound is known as the "Cher Effect." -[fooloof]

An Example

Picture of the Day: Lake Erie

Visit More Cleveland Photos ---> CLICK HEERR

Poem in Reference to the photo Above by vanitha said...

The summer sun rayshifts through a suspicious tree.
though I walk through the valley of the shadow
It sucks the airand looks around for me.
The grass speaks.I hear green chanting all day.
I will fear no evil, fear no evil
The blades extendand reach my way.
The sky breaks.It sags and breathes upon my face.
In the presence of mine enemies, mine enemies
The world is full of enemies.
There is no safe place.


Gotta Give It Up: Teddy Pendergrass

Mr. Pen Der Ass Down himself Jammin in his live performance to "Close Tha DoooR "-

Teddy Pendergrass -> Close The Door

Now Thats How u Get DOwn Live!

Spotted @

Remember Cedric Funny Stand Up of TURN OFF THE LIGHTS:

See Video @ 9:27

Models X Society

Includes M0del Gerren From BALLLD win HILLZZ

Cool Creative Video:

Jemapur "Maledict Car"

Directed By Kosai Sekine


This is Why We Love Trey Songz:

Dude Most of my blog is made up of utube vids--this is ridiculous--

Trey Songz - No Clothes On Acapella Sexy'd 0Ut

B.Scott Mania

You Gotta Love B.Scott - sHe REAL, FUNNY, & LOVABLE -who cares if she's [fill n the blank ]

A preview of how B.Scott is - Obviously everyone loves his opinions on Youtube:

Interview in his apartment - thats how real he is - with Eva Marcelle -thats how humble & LA she is

Hollywood isn't Los Angeles -- most LA people dont ACT Hollywood.-thank u eva

The Funniest video response of the Yung Berg "dark bizzy situation" - B.Scott get on Yung Berg badly. Yea why is he called Yung Berg anyways, i mean as a rapper name.



New Music Video: Ne-Yo // THE GAME // John Legend // Cassie

So Sexy Ne-Yo, vocally that is, turned me on AGAIN, with his new song MISS INDEPENDENT

The Video is Hot: The Dancers, The Sexy Cameos , The Song, and the Lyrics!!

Song Produced By: StarGate
Video Directed By: Chris Robinson
Year of The Gentlemen out September - I'm sold, Closer my $hit too.
@ndre 3000 & John Legend- Greenlight aka My $hit:

The Game n Lil Wayne --> i wish minus Wayne and the Slow tempo instrumental:

The Game ft Lil Wayne - My Life Official Video

The Lyrics & video r Illicious. True Story

Cassie Ventura's New Video, Official Girl Featuring Lil Wayne - Mummy Like Heels & Shades R Fierce in the video

Sweet Car

Okay so I'm Chillin With Sum Amigos of mine, and this sweet car say "Ride Me"! Well not exactly but this car pulled up to park, and and I fell in love

I present to you, possibly the Dodge Challenger :

Isn't Sexy


Okay So Bow Weezy Challenged THE GAME to play him with Madden 09. In Exchange For A Hun'Ed Thou.

Then The Game Back, HELLA FUCKIN CRAZY with His Request Regarding CIARA- u gotta c this --its Jaw Droppin for some. =D

So Now its an exchange for R & B singers, that don't kno - Like Miss Mya, who supposedly messed around the Game-see pic in video:

Miss Info X SunriseSundown X Ray J X Faith Evans New Book X Tupac & Biggie


Question Of The DAY?

DID FAITH EVANS MESS WITH TUPAC? yes it's 2008, we still tryna figure Out.

Well, Faith Evans Got a New Book, called "Keep The Faith" and Miss Info @ Blog has a few JUICY Excerpts from the Book that comes out.

Evans is set to release a “tell all” book, titled "Keep the Faith: A Memoir", on August 29, 2008. It is said to detail the highs and lows of the singer’s life, but will also shed light on Evans’ controversial relationship with her late husband, the Notorious B.I.G.

"I want people to understand that although he was a large part of my life, my story doesn’t actually begin or end with Big’s death. My journey has been complicated on many levels. And since I am always linked to Big, there are a lot of misconceptions about who I really am. It’s not easy putting your life out there for the masses. But I’ve decided I’ll tell my own story. For Big. For my children. And for myself." -Faith Evans

FYI - Faith Evans will be Signing her book at the
Grove in Los Angeles, Barnes & Nobles, Sept. 10th

READ the excerpts At Miss Info's blog///

PART 1 :
click pic --> The Part Where Faith Goes to Pac Hotel to Get Her $$$$ , 25,000 to be exact

Part 2:
click pic --> Trench from Naughty by Nature introduces Mr.Pac to Misses B.I.G.

Happy Home - 2 Pac

Pretty Juicy ah, but she does come off a bit TOOOOO innocent, =D.

F.y.i - Ever wondered why Faith so light, she's Itailan & African -American. Just One of th0se Mixed chicks.

MORAL of the Story: Them Flashin Lights KanYe was talkin 'bout - really Can Get U Caught UP!

Oh Yeah, Ray J added his memories about Pac n Fay in an interview a while back sayin:

"We walked in one day and Faith was sitting on Pac’s lap while Pac was writing a verse. It was like, “What the f*ck is going on?” That was one of the craziest sights" -Ray J

Read more here
ray j ALSO said he met BIG during his last days, and said, "I tried to say what’s up to Puff, but Puff didn’t see me. Then I seen Big and he was like, 'What’s up, my nigga.' I hugged Big and the nigga smelled like soap. That’s all I remember. He just smelled fresh like, 'Damn, he a big nigga but he smell like soap.'"

New Addiction: Lip Service with Angela Yee

BOW WOW - all the Burnin Rumors About Him: Including the ReOccuring thing with Angela Simmons



GIRLS ...smh .. Yall Thought girls were Harmless, shit but us together in ONE ROOM, we do some TALK DAMAGE:

lol @ rita g ANDDD Dolicia puttin Bow on Blast. damn

Come On Now...

Mom i told u not to wear those Boots again:


mild funny

Christina Milian , the guy said, JUST FINE!haha
Joelene Balock
Three Wheel Car -T-Rex'z

From Crackle: Jace Hall, Ep 2: Christina Milian and the T-Rex!

P.S. -- Christina Milian On Myspace Records, =D , huh


Cool Creative Video:

twin crystals - Two girls

TWIN CRYSTALS - " Two Girls "


Amazing Bridal Dresses by Richard Tyler

Oh MY, this alone is an excuse to get married! =D

The Infamous & Famous N-Word

Will it prosper, will it Die ... JUST one of those thinGs:

The View

Chris Rock About It

AALIYAH moment

No Really...

....What the Hell is iN those Creepy Jack In the Box Tacos, that are Sooo Guilty Good??

That Ain't No Meat, I grew up on..

Supposedly, THE INGREDIENTS are as follows:

Beef Regular Taco or Beef Monster Taco® Filling Ingredients

Beef, Water, Textured Vegetable Protein (Soy Flour, Caramel Color), Soy Grits, Seasoning [Chili Powder (Chili Peppers, Spices, Salt, Garlic Powder), Wheat Flour, Taco Mix (Chili Pepper, Garlic, Salt, Spices, Monosodium Glutamate, Dextrose, Onion), Imitation Beef Extract (Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy, Wheat and Corn Protein, Monosodium Glutamate, Dextrose, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Disodium Guanylate, Disodium Inosinate), Silicon Dioxide (added to prevent caking)], Salt, Tomato Paste, Worcestershire® Sauce (Distilled Vinegar, Molasses, Corn Syrup, Water, Salt, Caramel Color, Garlic Powder, Sugar, Spices, Tamarind, Natural Flavor, Sulfiting Agent). Tortilla Ingredients: Ground Corn, Water, Lime. Cooked in Frying Shortening. Contains Soy, Wheat

So My question still is WHY arent they using GROUND BEEF???
whatta hect is a soybeef.

The BlogHead That I Am...

...I went Blog Surfin, and Ran into a Few Interesting/Funny/?uestionmark things:


Художник Эдуард Мане (1832-1883). Французская школа. Олимпия.1863 г. Холст, масло. Париж, Лувр
SPotted @ -


Spotted @ - Speak LOL Speak

3)Hatin Jesse J , Hatin Jesse J , Hatin Hatin HAtin Jesse J [jockin jayz]

An Interview of Jesse Jackson & Wass Been Up with him lately:

ESSENCE.COM: Many younger African-Americans have been complaining that the old guard civil rights leaders focus too much on African-Americans as victims rather than moving the race forward. What do you think about this point of view?
JACKSON: This “old guard, new guard” is an unhealthy division. Politics must be inter-generational. You need Barack on the one hand to talk, you need Charlie Rangel, chair of House Ways & Means [Committee], and John Conyers, chair of our House Judiciary [Committee]. In politics you grow by adding and multiplying, not by subtracting and dividing. So “old guard vs. new guard” is not a healthy combination. The reality is that we achieved the right to vote, we achieved freedom, but we didn’t achieve equality, and that is the remaining civil rights work.
ESSENCE.COM: The rapper Nas and writer Kevin Powell, who is running for Congress in Brooklyn, have said that you particularly, and other civil rights leaders, are no longer relevant and need to step aside. How do you remain relevant to this newer generation?
JACKSON: The reality is that if you’re running for Congress, you need the votes of senior citizens. You need the votes of churches. You are not getting in Congress on a youth vote. That’s not the mass that you need to win a congressional seat. You need an intergenerational, multicultural coalition. And that experience cannot be thrown away. In Dr. King’s time, Dr. King was 34, but he reached out to A. Philip Randolph. It took both A. Philip Randolph and Dr. King in tandem to make the March on Washington take place.
ESSENCE.COM: We’ve seen you champion African-American issues and fight against injustice. Many people simply want to know, when you mentioned the N-word in your off-air remarks about Obama last month—why? They want you to tell them, as an African-American, why did that happen?
JACKSON: It should not have happened. What was private talk became public controversy, and I am embarrassed by that. There is no virtue in that kind of talk, and it should always be discouraged. My appeal even then was that responsibility is a significant message, but our needs require real government intervention and private sector incentives to address the issues of unemployment, building affordable housing and making education more affordable, which really was my point. It was a very painful period for me to have gone through that. The good news is that it’s behind us now.
ESSENCE.COM: Have you talked to Obama about it?
JACKSON: Yes. As a matter of fact, he sent me a welcome to the convention and made credentials available to me. We’ve gone on to the next stage.
ESSENCE.COM: As Senator Obama moves forward in the campaign, do you have any words of advice for him?
JACKSON: I think we have an outstanding candidate. We have the burden now to fully register and vote. There are still maybe 6 to 8 million Blacks unregistered who should not miss this hour, this opportunity. Now that we have a who, let’s focus on the what. What is an urban policy that can begin a renewed commitment to educate our children and to employ adults and provide public health care? These are the issues he has embraced. We have a candidate who has a good grasp of the issues that matter. But the burden is upon us now to maximize registration and output.

“The reality is that we achieved the right to vote, we achieved freedom, but we didn’t achieve equality, and that is the remaining civil rights work.” He has a REAL good point.

The Controversy that set it off:

-Spotted @ J.Dakar

Spotted @ Nah Right:

The Real Recognize Real from jeff on Vimeo.


Interview: Nas & Tavis Smiley

== Okay We aRE LivinG Good, but DON't Forget the Ones who aren't with us, that fought for theSE GOOD THINGS. ==

Funny Video: Lil Wayne & Twista Animation




NEW Music Video: Dear Jayne

OKAY, its growin on me -the dream at it again.

"FALL BACK " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kinda New Music Video: Tings Tings

Hip Hop Style with Cali's Own Fashawn

...THE LIGHT [Short Photo Story]

There are times.. when you'll need someone..
I will be by your side, oh darling
There is a light, that shines,
special for you, and me..

Common - The Light

"Seek The World Around You, Before It Departs You" -M.R.

It don't take a whole day to recognize sunshine

Signed Sincerly,


DON'T MISS A BEAT - @rchives

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