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Vogue: Black Folks r Fierce, White Folks r Fierce, Asians r fierce, Latinos r Fierce..Most Important DIVERSITY is FIERCEST


Liya Kebede * Sessilee Lopez * Jourdan Dunn * Naomi Campbell / Vogue Italy July 2008 Cover

The July issue of Vogue Italia features only black models has sparked controversy in both the fashion industry and popular culture. Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, created the “black issue” to draw attention to the lack of black models used in the fashion industry. The issue features over 100 pages of prominent black models such as Jourdan Dunn, Naomi Campbell, and Tyra Banks. This isn’t the first time Vogue has sparked racial controversy but, to Vogue’s credit, the controversies trigger discussion, which is always a good thing.
Vogue: Black Folks r Fierce, White Folks r Fierce, Asians R fierce, Mexicans R Fierce...Most Important, DIVERSITY is FIERCER.
Quote: Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani says she was inspired by Barack Obama: “America … is ready for a black president, so why are we not ready for a black model?” she asks.
My Response: Bitch You could have had a Black Model on the cover whenever you wanted your the freakin editor for crying out loud!!! my goodness. Don't try and compare, to excuse your racism. B* Pleaze
It's like pullin a tooth, to get a non--white on the cover of vogue, well that's just for vogue italia alone. SHADY BIZ y0.
That's how I feel — Well I'm Glad they FINALLLYYYYYY decided though.sheeeesh.
Alright EVERYONE PACK UP, shows Ova. hmmmm.

Ahhh Refreshingly SEXY!! =D smirk.

You Think GAS is a Killin, HAVE YOU SEEN THA PRICE TO WIPE YOUR ASS!!! Fcuk, Expensive as Toliet Paper!

[expression my feelins' dont mind me]

Return Of The Dragon

OH MY, my EX-Baby daddy once Removed, Sisqo has a basic yet sexy new song, Xtacy. I love it, cuz all is songs are chills SEXY, ladies know what im talkin bout. haha

Thizz to this:





**LL COOL J Part II ~ hint hint**

New Music Video: Big Boi


Hey Now!

This video is wass^ !

* Obama is almost in every rappers new song. he payin them?
Naw, I ain't madd this is really a Reality, a black possible president [crazy yo.]

*Mary J Blige is annoying lookin & sounding, but her lyrics are always the best. Take that damn hairstyle down it's so ERRRRRRRRGHHHHH -flippin blondie mushroom head. fuc.
* Where is gas SEVEN DOLLARS??!!! damn --somthing';s got to give got dammnit.

*Agree with Mary when she said in the chorus, "Across the world they live in fear, but its the same shit over here"

* Big Boi has always appealed to me, he & Andre 3000are the Best Hip-Hop Group Eva, then Clipse, i think ---

* Wassup with the DJ Toooo much DRAMA voice--damn annoying - NO NEED.
* Wowzerz on the new album name: Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty ....haha

*Gotta Hear Big Boi's Other song:



iPonder: old Classic Versus new Commercial Music

i Ponder & Wish,

that the Today LL COOL J


The Today Mariah Carey, would go baccccccccccccck in time to there original musical ability and use it for today.

Imagine a Mariah Carey that could sing Live, Today

Imagine a Ll CooL J who can Flow so Fresh, Today

Much respect to them both, but don't yall just wish that

ll cool j body keeps me going & mariah carey*s studio voice and Jermaine Dupri beats keep me devoted! =D



I love Mariah she will always be one of my favorite vocalist!

Now Classic LL COOL J

Versus New LL cool J


Yew'z A Raci$t !

Here is a clear explanation of when to use "yew's a raci$t!!!". Low Key I hear it all the time, you's a racist you's a racist he racist ---> on sum non race based $hit.

It frickin kills me.
When In South Africa, a dude told me that " The problem with issues are people tend to attach ideas and opinion with the person instead of attacking the problem at hand.

::: What u did was Bitch-like versus Yew's a Bitch ::::

Originally Racist used to mean one who loves people of all races.

YouTube User: illdoc1

Author: Jay


New Music Video: Weezy the Bo$$


........MTV....Music Videos....MTV Shows....Entertainment News........

Thats How U feel!


Stylin: Luxirie

These Hoodies R Badd

Its Called the Welcome to the Jungle Hoodie By Luxirie

in the Bright Colours Magenta, Jello, & Aqua

Gotta Love tha new returning FAD Animales Printz

Los Angeles needs a damn Dr. Jays !!! They have all the streetwear in one store, Its Like but You can actually walk into the store.
Karmaloop has a store now-yeah but not in CA.
Hellz Bellz Hoodie on far left.

Luxirie Roxz



If Tupac was Alive, who would produce his
beats?? There aren't that many genuine

Imagine Tupac & T-Pain
Tupac & a Nitty Beat
Tupac featuring Soulja Boy
I can't picture it

Who would he work with?
He would be in Cali Reppin Hard-

I know that much.

Love Ya Pac !


***************************************Whitney & Ray J Cuddlin Up


Come Now,
Ray J & Miss Houston ?

Come On Cuh.

Now Nelly,

Woah Daddio

Do I have to Be Nelly's

Replacement Girl

Ashanti, ur Good Good ain't Good Enuff.

This Too Much for One day, a Monday at that!

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Nelly Posin For Sean John

Hood "Figga"

The Hood Anthem of the Year - Last Year - & Future Hood Yearz to Come.


Is it Me or did Usher Album HERE I STAND low key flop, like a Pancake, Flapjackin in shitt. Still Got Much Love for the Confessions Album - If you still ain't buy it, what you waiting 4, Gwen Stefani.

According to building chart data, the album, despite being on track to top the Billboard 200, will achieve first week sales that are not even within fifty percent of the debut figure for "Confessions."
With 433,000 U.S. copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan,

the LaFace/Zomba album is the second biggest debut this year behind the 463,000 start of Mariah Carey's E=MC².

The album is now the fourth biggest due to

Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III

Coldplay's Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends album sales. "


YouTube Featurette

So Im Searchin Up On Myspace for this new artist JAZZY, and run into these Myspace Dance Videos with Jazzy Music :

Jazzy is a R & B singer, who's hottest trackz so far are AWOL, MAKEUP, & IN LOVE!

She is Vocally Hot!

Jazzy's Myspace

A.W.O.L. - Jazzy
Make Up - Jazzy

THESE ARE THE Dance VIDEOS I ran into:

By Youtube User: jr123dancer


YouTube User: JahSean

New Song:

GROW UP by Bishop Lamont

Album: The Reformation

Year: 2008

I have been M.I.A. with the Radio, but today on Power 106, I heard this song by Bishop Lamont, From Ingelwood Cali Cali and fell in love with the beat & lyrics!!!

Later Found Out it's a FRICKIN DR. DRE PRODUCTION!!! whatha, he's bakkkkkkkk, can't wait for more LaMont & Of course Dr. Dre n his fLuckin beeen Anticipated Album The Detox!


"it's easier to keep up, then it is to catch

"You got a Bentley, but can't keep gasin' it. A Guchi
wallet, but ain't got cash in it."

New Music Video: The Game / Travis B

DOPE BOYS in the Building!!!!

My Shit



YouTube Featurette

i Love The Group J*Davey, and when searching their music on YouTube I ran into a fellow YouTUBE USER who also adores them t00, and he did his thang in making his own J*DAVEY Mix:

His voice is Flippin AMAZING!!!!

J*Davey Meldey

Youtube Name: alcoholharmony

Youtube Page: CLICK HERE

By Durand B.

* he makes you wanna go cop Jdavey Cd ! which is 5 thumbs UP!

Millienium Classikz: Nas You Owe Me

NaS ft Ginuwine - You Owe Me
Uploaded by ineptique

Hey NOW!!! my shit

"You Owe Me" is a 2000 single by Nas featuring Ginuwine, from Nas' fourth studio album Nastradamus. The song's lyrics feature Nas requesting sex from girls for buying them jewelry. The single was produced by Timbaland. "You Owe Me" was a hit on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, peaking at number thirteen, it was also a minor hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at #59. The music video had a cameo from Destiny's Child. A music video directed by David Meyers was also released.

Having a Beyonce Cravin

Take a Dose Of these VIDEOS;

beyonce IS THE BIZ !!! WE ALL KNO IT:

girl tyme -la tAVIA AND Beyonce

My FAv:

New Music Video:

ROckin To this Beat!!!

Im not KuKu this song Kickz!

They are called Vhs or Beta -- The Song: Night On Fire !!!

New Music Video:

Superwoman Video

Gotta LoVe & Respect Her, Alicia Keys in her new music video,

This one motivating song, Gon' Head Girl

Alicia Makin SuperWoman

Help Thy Self & Reach Out 2 Those Who Need Help

Just a Thought:

An Article by Karen Hunter, "Who's Watchin Black in America" Snippet Below, proves that Change is active when Action is made!!! Helping one another out .

“Who is watching “Black in America” on CNN? I ask the question because it
was raging inside of me as I listened to pundits and experts, educators and
pastors, business professionals and actors—all attempting to make sense and give
shape to what it means to be black in America.
I asked the very same question
after Tavis Smiley produced the “The Covenant with Black America” a few years
ago. That book sold millions of copies, and was the topic of quite a few talk
Is Shaniqua living in a tenement in Brooklyn with five babies by five
different “men” watching? Is James, who stands on a corner in Baltimore selling
crack cocaine to his community watching? T-Bone, a Blood from South Central and
his boys and rival Crips from cross-town, are they watching? Janice, who dropped
out of Somerville High School in Massachusetts, will she be tuning in?
doubt it. And here in lies the problem with shows like “Black in America,” and
books like “The Covenant with Black America” they don’t reach the people who
need to hear and read it most. The people who need to change, probably won’t be
tuning in—which is why years after the Million Man March and years after The
Covenant with Black America and years after Black in America, nothing will
change. ”

Notable Art/Music/Cd Covers

T.I. got a New Album coming out, and Me lIKES THE CD'S COVER ARTWORK

Here are OTHER Album Covers I thought were very creative & COOL:

DON'T MISS A BEAT - @rchives

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