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An Article by Karen Hunter, "Who's Watchin Black in America" Snippet Below, proves that Change is active when Action is made!!! Helping one another out .

“Who is watching “Black in America” on CNN? I ask the question because it
was raging inside of me as I listened to pundits and experts, educators and
pastors, business professionals and actors—all attempting to make sense and give
shape to what it means to be black in America.
I asked the very same question
after Tavis Smiley produced the “The Covenant with Black America” a few years
ago. That book sold millions of copies, and was the topic of quite a few talk
Is Shaniqua living in a tenement in Brooklyn with five babies by five
different “men” watching? Is James, who stands on a corner in Baltimore selling
crack cocaine to his community watching? T-Bone, a Blood from South Central and
his boys and rival Crips from cross-town, are they watching? Janice, who dropped
out of Somerville High School in Massachusetts, will she be tuning in?
doubt it. And here in lies the problem with shows like “Black in America,” and
books like “The Covenant with Black America” they don’t reach the people who
need to hear and read it most. The people who need to change, probably won’t be
tuning in—which is why years after the Million Man March and years after The
Covenant with Black America and years after Black in America, nothing will
change. ”


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