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Now I Kno Why Beyonce is so WORLD "REROUND":

Bee Shaking her Bee @ the Jayz Concert.

Made Jay Z Blush @ the POWERHOUSE at the IZOD CENTER

remember the clothing line IZOD?!?!?! haha


Soulful Jenn said...

A'ight I finally caught up to your blog. shit! So instead of making you think u made Blogs Of Note with all my comments I'm going to give my two cents right here cuz I'm almost positive that you haven't read all my other comments lol. Here goes..

Cassie on that boat in Miami: I'm down, let's roll out. [only way she drivin' that shit is cuz her rich boo Diddy lol]
I like BC Jean's original version of If I Were A Boy better than Beyonce's.
That Whatever You Like Remixx [cool politics] had me smiling :)
N Yung Berg may have put Ne-Yo on blast but he made a complete asshole out of himself. He's an idiot and am glad he wasted time making that dumb ass video so the rest of the world can know what a dumb fuck he really is.
Did Keyshia Cole get her teeth fixed? LOL.
Fuck Meagan Goode.
The Game's son Harlem.. lol first off I wonder bout that name. Someone fill me in. 2nd. I'm mad how he said he would quit the job he has now to work @ Vons so he can spend time with his kids. YEAH FUCKIN RIGHT. Let ME find out, smh.
Glad Lloyd can perform live :) lol @ him saying awesome in that video like thrice times
That Aretha picture is just plain nasty.

And. I love Beyonce's pose @ the end.

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