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Obama Talk:

So This Week, A young man challenged or questioned Sen. Obama at a Town Hall Meeting in Florida about "What About the Black community, Obama"? and asking him what has he said about or done about SHOCKING events like Hurricane Katrina, Jena 6, killings of Sean Bell and Jovon Dawson, other attacks on the minority community.
I'm glad the youngin posed his question, because it only made Obama Stronger. 1+ up for Obama again. But I do feel the young man's question, because some people haven't heard or have caught up with every single time Obama has stood up for the Black community and I feel since Obama is for the betterment of AMERICA as a whole, he speaks for black people when he talks about America.
My only set back with Obama is all these commitments and promises, will he be able to accomplish them all being in the "WHITE House"??? I wish him the best, and I hope everyone eligible to VOTE, VOTESSSSSSSSSSSS, to whom ever they think is the RIGHT candidate, Educate yourself & vote!!!
Obama is most definitely the Biggest Boss Thus Far.

** Youtube user: tedhu "obama took care of business, and with class and style "
i agree, response: okay u aint never lie..and he did it with the utmost respect and he is well organized when addressing the question. no BULLSHIT invovlved, LIKE SOME PEOPLE I ALREADY KNOW IN OFFICE.wink wink.


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