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Cool Politics: The Truth of 9/11 & War according to Darrell Anderson US ARMY specialist

Watch It & Read it - its good for our political well being

A comment on Concreteloop from a militant, gives you a opposing opinion :

Wow CLYall wrong for this foolishness. You wont post anything positive
about McCain but you put this less than American up. This young Man join the
Millitary for the wrong reason. Like I have said the Army dosen’t make you a man
if you were a drug selling dumb
when you got in then thats what your are going to do. EVERY Iraq Vet is not
Homeless. I went twice and I’m own my home. Not Every soldier is against the
war. For the record. There is no inital trainning in the Army that last for just
4 weeks. This young man ran to Canada, that’s were he should have stayed. I hate
the fact that American ( and I use this term lightly) Get on the news and say ”
Oh soldiers are kill everybody” Which is a lie. Frankly in parts of Iraq there
are people who great us with
gifts. They risk their lives just to shake our hand, but they
dont show that.
Now my real point. It clear that he really doesn’t have a
clue. When he said 9/11 wasnt real. I was at fort hood, texas and I remember
just how real it was. See I join before any attack because I enjoy the freedoms
we have that are exclusive to Americans. It’s one thing to die in a instant in a
attack but it’s quite another to know in the back of your mind that you may
leave and never come home. To go in knowing this is a trip.
You see I have
encounter some of these Young Vets like this young man here. And he is going
about it in the wrong way. The young ones 20 -25. They dont want the three year
free ride in school they are offered even if they are kicked out of the Army,
They dont want to got to classes to show them how to adapt to everyday like,
they dont want the free health care given by the VA, They dont want to fill out
paper work for job trainning or the housing program. They want money. Never mind
the 20,000-40,0000- they have already recieved for just showing up. never mind
not having paid
taxes on the salary/ plus extra money given on top totaling up
to 1000 a month.
Cl this was a bad look and a Punch to every Soldier serving
for the right reasons. I understand that this in enterainment for you all, but
for some of us this is real life. And for those currently serving in Iraq like
my husband, this is LIFE OR DEATH.
Thank you VERY much

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