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Cool Politics & LMAO : Chris Rock Response to Bill Clinton - Yew Gotta Watch, hella funny:

Okay So Bill Clinton got on the view and spoke Goodness on the View and talked about McCain//People Quick Changes in Who they are voting for // His Wifey //

Man being a politician is a tough job answering difficult questions on the spot and answering them aw so well and "POLITICALLY CORRECT". kudos to the homie William Clinton

Watch the View interview here:

NOW what we all been waiting for, COMEDY RELIEF with CHRIS ROCK on David Letterman

had david crackin UP! lmao

dudes HBO special is going to be FUNNNAY

"Im out there everyday dave, on the front lines, the battleground states...IN BROOOOKKKLLLYYNN" Love it.

Love the Comparison with VICK & PALIN -- as funny as it was, its the truth hotdammnit


"Vanity 7" said...

I saw this and thought Bill did an excellent job answering the questions. I thought he answered them in a clear & concise way, explaining everything very easily. Kudos to Bill!

M* said...

Right!! he a gee for that. i would be sayin all kinda bias rude shit-

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