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THIS IS SUPREME UNBELIEVABLE, then again who am i kiddin...


imma hella late on this BREAKING and UNFORTUNATE NEWz and happening.

THIS MOST DEFINITELY CAN'T GO ON, come on NOW!!! i will do anything in my power to stop it!!!

A former BART police transit officer has been charged with murder for the fatal shooting of an unarmed and allegedly restrained black man (Oscar Grant) in a racially charged case that has outraged residents and community leaders and set off violent protests

spotted @ YUNG DREW spot.

A video being distributed on the internet showing the shooting of Oscar Grant by BART police is the clearest so far.

Carlos Miller, a onetime reporter and photographer for RAW STORY, posted a report on the new video on his blog:

BART police officer Johannes Mehserle appears to be trying to handcuff him. A second cop appears to have his knee on Grants back while having some kind of conversation with another handcuffed suspect who is on his knees. The third cop has his hand on this suspects shoulder and looks like he is speaking into his radio.

A female is standing inside the train filming the incident. You can hear her tell somebody, baby, Im fine, Im just recording.

Then you hear a mans voice from inside the train: You gotta take pictures of that shit .

Although Mehserle appears to be having some type of struggle with Grant, the cop with his knee on Grants back is blocking the view. The more Ive watched this video, the more it seems as if Mehserle is trying to pull something out of his belt. Perhaps handcuffs. Perhaps a Taser. Perhaps a gun.

This video is from Indymedia, broadcast Jan. 9, 2009.

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